Bill's Custom Cases ®

I strive to make the highest quality cases to protect your custom knives. Rather than doing all the talking, below are a few endorsements from folks in the custom knife community.

Many years ago, prior to getting involved with my business, Classic Guns and Knives, I had been receiving knives I ordered for my personal collection in cases that did not match the quality of the knives I was buying. After extensive searching, I was lucky enough to come across Bill's Custom Case ®. I became very excited, for I had found the ultimate storage system for my knives. This company produces the finest cases, in a large variety of colors and sizes that match the quality of case in which I expect to store my one-of-a-kind, hand-made knives. To this day, my company and I only use Bill's Custom Case ® for every knife we sell, as well as for my personal collection. I feel that my customers should only receive quality knives in quality cases, and Bill's Custom Case ® exceeds my expectations. Thanks Bill, for making the finest quality case in the world.

Jack M Berk, Classic Guns and Knives

This is my 20th year making samurai swords and during that time I have only used Bill's Custom Case ®. I can order whatever size I need. I have never had a problem or a return. The cases protect the knives around the shop and are perfect for packing in luggage for travel. I never have to worry about the knives arriving safely at their destination. An expensive investment deserves the best case to preserve that investment.

Scott Slobodian, swordmaker

A collector told me about Bills Custom Cases after I sent him a large bowie in a cheap case. He said "man, you can't send your knives out in this cheap stuff. Call Bill Mittelman and order some real cases". I've been using Bill's cases ever since and will not ship or sell one of my knives in anything else. Bill makes the best custom cases in the world, period!

Don Hanson III, knifemaker

Back in 1985, I needed a case for a fixed blade knife, and purchased one of those inexpensive vinyl "taco" cases with the velour interior. The knife flopped around in the case, and eventually the point went through the zipper into my hand, I found Bill's Cases shortly after that. The superior workmanship, durable shell material and non-scratching shearling material make for the best knife case available. Bill really does a custom case, he has made me gun range bags, sword bags, watch cases and wallets over many years and has never let me down. EVERY one of my many knives is stored and transported in a Bill's Custom Case. There is no other case available on the market for any amount of money that is made better than a Bill's Case. I recommend them to any enthusiast serious about protecting their valuable investments.

Steve Garsson, collector




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